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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic...Oh My!!!
Finding it difficult to encourage your reader to read?
Does your child KNOW the structure of writing?
Does teaching Arithmetic challenge you?

I have the answers to these questions!!

The 3R's can be intimidating to most homeschool families. I understand your concerns. Hopefully the "blue"links will help to alleviate these issues.

Reading is the MOST important skill your child can learn, for without this ability learning other subjects will be even more difficult. That's why at ELK I use literature, not textbooks, as our reading source. Books are chosen based on student's interest and difficulty. Vocabulary is covered in detail, some reading is done orally in class, and short essay questions are completed at the end of each chapter/s to help improve comprehension.

Writing is a difficult subject to teach. I do not encourage full writing until fourth grade and then only with single paragraphs. I prefer the students to start strong without bad habits. Students younger than fourth grade will write simple sentences leading to paragraphs. Once the 5 paragraph structure is learned and mastered typically in the 5-6 grades, then larger more in depth papers are required in 7-12 grades.

Arithmetic, math, is my favorite subject!! Elementary students focus on the Big Four (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). While middle grades use the Big Four to manupulate fractions, decimals, percents and more. Pre-Algebra and Algebra is taught when student is prepared. Higher math skills will follow as student show readiness.

Please Note: I mark all my cirriculum with colors for literature and shapes for math. No student will feel behind or advanced than his or her classmates. This helps to bolster self esteem and build confidence.

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