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Beginning readers focus on phonics and "I can read" books,
Intermediate readers start with chapter books,
Advanced readers learn how to analyze material,
and EVERYONE reads for enjoyment!!!

Sometimes those reading textbooks are sooooo itimidating. Students, especially reluntant readers, can take one look and instantly feel overwhelmed. So to combat those self-doubt feelings, I use books they see everyday, at the library, at the book store, on their very own book shelves.

Beginning readers focus heavily on phonics. My philosophy "They must have the skills to figure out what the words say," and without phonics they don't have that skill. As soon as the student is ready to move on, basic books are introduced. I encourage EVERY student to have a library card, and I challenge EVERY parent to take their child/ren to the library at least once a month. Children will fall in love with books the more they see them, smell them, and read them.

Intermediate Readers start on chapter books. No holds here. As soon as the reader is ready to move into more challenging books, we push forward to chapter books. Intermediate readers will be introduced to vocabulary for without the understanding of these new words there is no comprehension. Another introduction to these readers is the essay question, easy at first but gradually more thought povoking.

Advanced Readers continue with chapter books, but will learn how to analyze the information. Stronger topics will be read; biographies, non-fiction, and classics. Students in the 9-12 grades will take one semester of Shakespeare and one semester of mythology.

This is NOT a language arts class. We will not be working on grammar, spelling, penmanship or any other Language Arts topic. Though these topics do cross over, and I will be correcting for these issues, I will not be teaching "how to" during Literature class.

Reading is the MOST important skill your child can learn!!!
There is no limit to resources when we use literature as readers for our students, and the topics are about as vast as the number of books available. Reading should be FUN!!

Please Note: I mark all my cirriculum with colors for literature and shapes for math. No student will feel behind or advanced than his or her classmates. This helps to bolster self esteem and build confidence.

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