Math Title

Math is probably my favorite subject!! It is only black and white - you either have the right answer or you don't ... no grey areas in Math!!

For that very reason Math is easy. We just need to know how to manipulate the puzzle of math. I strongly beleive that math should be fun, and that it should be more about numbers and less about words (word problems are ok).

Beginners in math focus on the Big Four...addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Without strong skills in th Big Four math will be always be a struggle.

Intermediates in math learn measurement, both customary and metric, fractions, decimals, percents, introduction to basic geometry and more.

Advanced in math begins pre-algebra or algebra and farther when ready.

Please Note: I mark all my cirriculum with colors for literature and shapes for math. No student will feel behind or advanced than his or her classmates. This helps to bolster self esteem and build confidence.

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