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Does your student think writing is the same as penmanship?
Is writing a challenge even when the subject is well known?
Does your child need more than the typical writing prompt?

I have the answers to these questions!!

Writing is not the same as penmanship. Writing is thoughts and feelings put into words and sentences so that others may understand. It is well organized and easy to understand.

I am soooo excited about the cirriculum for writing that I have chosen!!!!!!

For grades 6-8, we will be using Cover Story as the cirriculum. This is a newer program created in the summerof 2013 by the same man who created the One Year Adventure Novel which will be used by those students in 10-11 grades. There is a mandatory additional $60.00 one time fee for either of these classes to cover the cost of materials.

To learn more about Cover Story, please click here
To learn more about One Year Adventure Novel please click here

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