Mom Title

This area of my website is for moms who sometimes need
a little support...
a little adult conversation...
and a lot of FUN!

Why should our children have all the fun??? I offer parents several opportunities to enjoy each other's company and have fun too. Listed below are the classes I offer "For Mom's Only" sorry no children allowed to these events.

First, I open my classroom to host crops and classes for parents. You may choose between a Friday evening, an all day Theme Crop, or both!! There is so much to share on the subject please click here or at the top of the page (look for the drop down menu).

Another option for adult fun is Adult Paint. I have taught several adults how to paint and boy do we have fun!!!! For more information, please click here

One final benefit For Mom's Only is the ability to order various products at a GREATLY reduced price. It's quick and easy and almost anything one can purchase at Michael's can be ordered through my vendors. For more information please click here

Any Questions Contact:
Kathy Nunes
209-640-9363 (ok to text)
Email Me