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Are you looking for a way to stretch your funding dollars?
Do you need craft supplies, storage and more?
Looking for one approved vendor to order all your needs?

I have the answers to these questions!!
Ordering products through me is as easy as 1-2-3

1. GO SHOPPING - Once you contact me I will give you the website and the user name/password so that you can go shopping. Just add all the items you would like to your shopping cart

2. Add 15% to the cost (not the retail price)* of the products in your cart, and ask your ES to send me a PO for that amount.

3. Pick up your order in about 2 weeks from my reciept of the PO and ENJOY!!

*Or you can ask me to figure the total to send to your ES

Any Questions Contact:
Kathy Nunes
209-640-9363 (ok to text)
Email Me